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Last month the Commission said it would introduce new measures to address the Chinese dumping and illegal subsidies, but will not decide whether China’s economy will qualify market economy. MES is debatable because if granted, trading partners should treat Communist China as an equal free market regarding dispute resolution.
The Geευροπrd Götz, the European Union’s general manager Aluminum said that the crisis in the EU steel has turned the discussion of China and distracting to Brussels by other European industries such as the aluminum sector, which could have the same fate .
Evangelos Mytilineos, Chairman and CEO of Mytilineos SA, after discussion with Götz. Mytilineos said that as with steel, aluminum destroyed worldwide by Chinese practices.
“No doubt that the Chinese aluminum market is unrealistic […] has nothing to do with the real world, has nothing to do with the actual material production costs, no relation to the sales prices There is absolutely no connection with purchases’ he said.

Written by Theodoros Vichos