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With consecutive rise recorded the value of copper as the price surpassed the $6500/mt. This increase reflected with 6% of the increase as it creates a positive atmosphere on the market. In Shanghai the General index recorded a 1.3% increase that negatively affect the stock markets of Europe and America.

The American Stock Exchange will attempt with strong processes to mitigate the difference where exists until today, this conflict will create a drop of around 5%. By recording the rise from July to September the index of available recorded a drop. Act which gave opportunities for investors to profit from the stock market but also to ensure a sufficient reserve available as futures. So created rise in reserve available, where it brings adverse effects on price of copper.
From the start of the session today (18/9/17) the index recorded a 3% drop in the price to be in $6530/mt. our prediction based on facts is that up to the end of September, the index will vary from $6400 to $6600.copper
Written by Theodoros Vichos