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The RMV company warns fall of the iron of 10 cents a kilogram. This is due to a disruption of the Greek economy between the partners, which contribute to a percentage in the Greek commerce sector.

In particular at the beginning of the new year the index followed a stable and positive development .Simera and after the passage of 25 days, the iron index recorded a bend Stis order of 12 units. With this development we reach the conclusion that the imports in early January month was reduced. This has encouraged some countries in the Southern and Western Europe have maximized the price, the reserve material which possess. (The reserve material greatly influences the behavior of the price.)

So these countries were Europe’s shopping center and the driving force for industries where the production should not be reduced. With this fact, it creates a great demand in the market and also the rise of the iron where you mentioned earlier this month.steel

Written by Theodoros Vichos